Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fathers Day - Bill Timmins (1916 - 1986)

Today on Fathers Day I am remembering my father William George TIMMINS who was born 20th May 1916 in Chester.  He died in 1986 and memories of him are slowly fading.  There is a photograph however that rekindles memories; it is one that mum always had around the house until she passed away in 2008.  This was of my dad aged about 27, he was in the Royal Navy; it was taken during the second world war when he was stationed in Gibraltar (c1943).

WGT - Gibraltar (c1943)

CPO Writer RN
1940 -1946

From his WW2 service record,
also a dictionary he used during the war,
these were his postings:

    HMS Royal Arthur
    HMS Glendower
    HMS Drake
    MS Sobieski (Polish)
    HMS Cormerant - Gibraltar
    HMS Ariguani - Gibraltar
    HMS Highlander
    HMS Owl

----- Happy Fathers Day Dad -----

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  1. It is sad how the memories begin to fade, even when we were adults when we lost our fathers. This is a wonderful photo of your father. He was very handsome.